#We3Queens Live Art Installation/Performance Art II

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Fyre & Wata , 1098 HERRINGTON RD, STE 9 , Lawrenceville, GA 30044

WE3QUEENS HUMAN ART EXHIBITION. Celebrate Black History Month by honoring Legendary African Queens. Come learn about a Queen on display.

About this event

We3Queens is a unique live art/human installation performance art project conceived by Tosinger to create awareness about and exude the empowering energy of legendary Warrior Queens who reigned in African countries.

This project aims to Educate/Inform Empower Bring about cultural awareness, identity and appreciation during Black History Month and beyond! Time Format of Human Art Installation in Half Hour Increments Watch the "making"/costuming of the Queen while music and history plays in the background. Observe and appreciate the "finished art" of the Queen. Queen is in character and may not be engaged conversationally. Per availability and if so inclined, sit across from the Queen and engage in an eye lock 🙂 Take photos with the Queen. Any Questions?

We3Queens will showcase Queen Idia, Queen Nzinga and Queen Yaa Asantewaa on 3 consecutive days.

COVID PROTOCOLS OBSERVED Masks and no contact, social distancing. How you can help? Come to/Book this Live Art/Human Installation Exhibition for your art space, school or organization. Support the team and resources needed in producing the project at $wethreequeens Follow on instagram @threeafricanqueens_FEB

***Feb 20 Sun is at 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM EST