From the recordings Ode To Accra and Organically Singing

A song of healing for this pandemic times and beyond

Lyrics and Vocals - Tosinger
Track produced by - Tea Music Production, Nigeria
Mixed and Mastered by - Soundxtreem Studios, Atlanta, GA
Guitars by - Dylan Kohl, Atlanta.GA

all rights reserved


Intro : Ire o (Blessings to the World)

Retreat Reset Refresh
Heal the world
Retreat Reset Refresh
Common let's free the world
Retreat Reset Refresh
Heal the word

Verse 1
Let's be helpful, let's be kind
Let's be loving all the time
When you're happy or you're sad
Don't be angry, just be glad
Breathe in nature, breathe in life
Let the light inside you shine
Let the world come together
And fight a common enemy

Verse 2
Friends and family that are gone
Leaving legacies behind
We the living do the work
Till the end when Jesus comes
Living waters let it flow
Flow and wash and make us glow
Herbal greens and veggies will
Flush our bodies make us clean
Spirit release
Teach us your truth
'Cos we came with nothing
And we leave with nothing
released May 14, 2020