1. Heaven Knows

From the recording Ode To Accra

Heaven Knows
Tosinger ft MrBrown

Credits -
Verse 1 written and performed by Tosinger http://www.tosinger.com
Verse 2 written and performed by Allwell-Brown Asusi Bara aka Mr Brown
Chorus melody and lyrics sampled from Ghana's Osibisa's Woyaa yaa (We are going) released in 1971, written by Annie Masembe from Uganda.
Vocals recorded at Soundxtreem Studio, Atlanta
Track produced by John Andrew of Sinima Productions
Mixed by Sound Resort Studio, Atlanta
Mastered by LastDrop Mastering
Official Release Date - January 7, 2017


We are going
Heaven knows, we are going
We know we will
We will get there
Heaven knows how we will get there
We know we will

Verse 1
A journey of a thousand miles
Starts with a single step
Eyes on the prize
Comes with a fight
But we won't relent
(Singing in Yoruba)Ape ko to jeun ko ma ni je baje
Implied Meaning - Delay is not denial


Verse 2
I got my eyes on the prize,
I ain't rolling the dice
and I'm sure I'm gunning for two, me and you.
Paid my dues now I'm heading straight to the top of the hill,
and I ain't coming down no no no
I bid you best believe
the only way to receive,
is to get down on your knees and call
As you walk with faith,
do your best with grace,
and in time you will surely get there.


Heaven Knows, Heaven Knows
Only God knows how we will get there
Only He knows
Just put your hand in his hands
All you have to do is have faith, have faith, have faith

Heaven knows we are going
We will get there,
Heaven knows how we will get there
We know we will, we know we will